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Congrats; you completely broke me. I am seriously begging for someone to just shoot me. make this pain disappear.

I don’t understand why, I just ask if all this was my fault? what did I do so bad to deserve this?

you win though; I give up. I worked so hard on us for a year…and you just keep fucking with my head.

am I not pretty enough? not skinny enough? what did I do so wrong? 

I just need someone to cry too…….. cause I am seriously considering giving up.  </3

Can all this pain go away please, im so tired of not knowing…im tired of waiting, but if I dont wait I might loose youu. Im loosing my damn mind. Today, ive had 2 break downs. & honestly all the weed in the world couldnt hide the pain.. this is just so fucked up. No one should ever have to feel like I do. .I just want to give up.

I sit here and lie, because I believe I should be better by now.but im not. I seriously am not okay, fucking waking up in this hell house everyday, waking up and hes not next too me anymore. I just don’t wanna do this anymore. I’m loosing the things that keep me sane. I barely have the fight to go on.